Great Beer Challenge

The Ultimate Beer Event This Year.
5 Beer Games, 1 Winner. Delicious Craft Beer.


Saturday August 29th

The Games!

Corn Hole

Two bags, one hole. Do you toss it? Do you throw it? It's up to you. Getting it in the hole is the name of the game here, so bring your A-Game for once.

Flip Cup

Team work is an important thing with this game, working together, eye hand coordination and sheer luck will put you in the winners circle. Get your flipping finger ready for this one.


Whether your name is Hanz or little bo peep, this game of strength and determination can be won with the right training and skill. Do you have what it takes to win?

Dizzy Relay

Do you have what it takes to finish the relay? It's a game of skill, wits, and well...coordination. This game will get you, 60% of the gets you everytime.


Sometimes when it's time to shuffle, it's time to shuffle. Since our event is at the WORLDS LARGEST shuffle board courts, it's clearly obvious that we will have the most epic game of beer-shuffle ever.